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Building Cleaning Services

Expert Janitorial Services

When running any kind of business, the needs of your clients always come first. Whether it is the customers, tenants or employees visiting the business premises, the first thing they will look at is the overall cleanness of the building. As a result, it is important to have a professional clean your building so that all visitors are impressed, your employees work with maximum productivity and the value of your property does not depreciate. The MJ Company is a company that offers building cleaning services for any kind of business buildings regardless the state of the building. With a team of expert cleaners who are trained, well equipped, professional, committed and passionate about their work, we will clean your building thoroughly to give it that professional look that it deserves.

With The MJ Company’s building cleaning services, you are assured of timely delivery of services with the current standards and market trends. We understand that janitorial services involve more than just mopping the floors and performing the regular cleaning. There are many other areas of your building that need cleaning that you probably have never thought of. Some of the services offered include the following.

Building Cleaning Services

Building Cleaning Services

Floor Care Services

The floors are the first thing one notices in a building and if not properly cleaned, they may create a bad first impression on the visitors. We are fully equipped with floor cleaning equipment including the vacuum cleaners, squeezers and scrubbers to make your floor sparkling clean. Our carpet cleaning personnel are certified and trained with the latest carpet cleaning technology. The carpets will always be dry as the low moisture cleaning techniques ensure the carpets are dry in no time after cleaning. We also specialize in hard floor refinishing to provide you with the best hard floor care services.

Mold Removal

Most building owners do not realize the health hazard that excess molds can cause. At MJ cleaning services, we are fully equipped with the mold remediation tools to clear mold inside the building and even on the surrounding environment. Molds affect even the air and we have the expertise to ensure that even the air is not polluted by these molds.

Water Damage Restoration

Poor plumbing, wear and tear, heavy storms and artificial interferences damage the drainage system of a building. Depending on the extent of the damage, our team of plumbers will have normal drainage system of your building restored. This way we reduce you the stress of seeking the services of a plumber as our services are all inclusive.

Office Cleaning Services

Your employees need to work in a clean and safe environment so as to achieve maximum productivity. Apart from cleaning the floors and carpets, we clean all office equipment, washrooms, kitchen area, the roof, walls and even the desks in the office. Your clients will always be satisfied with the environment they walk into every time.

The Best Cleaning Services

At The MJ Company, we take pride in being the market leaders in providing hundreds of businesses with professional janitorial services at a reasonable cost. You get the whole package given the years of experience we have in this market, the trained personnel, state of the art equipment and professional advice on how to constantly maintain a clean environment. We offer comprehensive business cleaning services for any kind of business. Some of our other services include;

  • – Document disposal
  • – Escalator cleaning
  • – Food service sanitation
  • – Medical waste disposal
  • – Recycling services
  • – Window cleaning

There is so much to look at when it comes to cleaning your building; thus, it is necessary to seek the services of an expert cleaning company that pays close attention to every single cleaning aspect. Visit us or contact us today and book an appointment and we will transform your business premises for a clean, safe and healthy working and living environment.
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