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Janitorial Contracts and Cleaning Solutions from The MJ Company

Phoenix, AZ- Cleanliness is the first step towards organized work and organized work leads to accountability, efficiency and finally success. Business owners and managers therefore focus on cleanliness for the welfare of their company and well-being of their staff and customers.

Every facility needs regular cleaning for work to be carried out efficiently. Also, a clean and fresh environment is more aesthetically hospitable for customers. Here comes the role of Janitorial Cleaning services.

Janitorial agencies provide specialized cleaning solutions with both qualified labor and cleaning methods to different facilities. We are highly trained in commercial cleaning services such as office buildings, schools, daycares, hospitals and medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, churches etc. Janitorial contracts are signed for services according to the terms and conditions and schedule of the client in several facilities as listed below.

Janitorial Contracts

Phoenix and Scottsdale Janitorial Contracts

Office Building Cleaning 

Office buildings need regular cleaning of floors, carpets, window glasses, desks and toilets for a clean and tidy working environment for the employees. Janitorial contractors provide services to such offices by providing a well-trained cleaning staff to such places. They also have staff and necessary equipment to clean sophisticated instruments and machines that require trained professionals. There is a further need of confidence and security in such places as they have trade secrets, proprietary information and sensitive data which are not to be tampered with. Janitorial services in such cases are very handy as being an organization, the janitorial contracts signed with them make them trustworthy.

Hospital and Medical Facilities Cleaning

Janitorial services in the medical facilities are distinguished in professionalism. Their trained staff maintains hygiene and follows all safety rules of a hospital so that cleaning is effective preventing bacterial growth and spreading of infection from patients to other patients or the working staff. They take care of sanitation of patients, patients’ linen, emptying bins, disposal of medical wastes etc. Sensitive areas like ICUs, OTs etc. need special care to avoid spreading of germs in order to prevent infections in patients. This needs high standard of professionalism in janitors which can be provided by good janitorial services.


Schools mainly require floor cleaning and toilet maintenance. Janitors keep the environment clean and tidy to promote student hygiene.


Commercial Tile Floor Cleaning

Commercial Tile Floor Cleaning

Commercial Facility Cleaning

Janitorial services at commercial facilities range from warehouses to retail outlets. Proper cleaning of warehouse facilities is required to maintain the quality of inventory which increases their storage life and hence the final products are of better quality. Clean and fresh retail outlets provide a better invitation to customers and clients who are prime to the success of the business. Hence janitorial services at commercial facilities can maximize facility service dollar with the help of their expert professionals and leading edge technologies.

Green Cleaning

Janitorial agencies have cleaning services that not only focus on exterior cleaning but also employs methods of cleaning, reusing and recycling of wastes generated that helps sustain the environment. Such sustainability and innovation in cleaning techniques make improvement in three major ways –

  1. Maintains and improves the environment.
  2. Keep employees more productive, content and healthy.
  3. Reduce energy usage for lower utility.

This is achieved by using environment friendly cleaning agents, equipment with higher efficiency and human powered, and new eco-friendly technologies in cleaning.

Special Functions

Janitorial services provide features like Floor Waxing, Glass Building Cleaning etc. which cannot be taken care of by non-professional individuals making janitorial contracts necessary. Heels and hard soles of shoes or movement of heavy objects on the floor causes the floor to be damaged with scratches and scars over time. Floor waxing is a method to repair the damage caused to the floor. Buildings made of glass need occasional cleaning of the external walls from the dust and dirt that accumulate over time which causes the building to lose its shine. Janitors with special training and safety equipment perform such tasks.

Commercial Janitorial Contractors have a huge number of service options for each facility from which a business owner can choose. Pricing is done accordingly and depends on men work-hours. Also, multiple facilities and services can be availed and contractors are often flexible in the janitorial contracts. Although apparently a janitorial service adds to expenditure but considering the overall scenario, it is indeed an effective option to earn a better profit with the same resources. Apart from the general cleanliness, it should be considered that expensive equipment and machines function well and are more durable with regular cleaning and maintenance.
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