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Day Porter Services- How to Choose the Best

The traditional role of day porter services is to keep the area they are assigned to clean, hazard free and orderly. Mostly, they are employed in buildings that have a lot of traffic flowing in and out. Such areas require constant cleaning and checking for debris, dirt and things that may cause accidents such as falls. A competent day porter service will not only keep the building clean as required but will also ensure the safety of all those who access the premise. Their job is not confined to the bathrooms leaving them in the spotlight and in constant interaction with people around. This means that they have to have people skills that enable them to communicate and interact with others efficiently.

Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

How Do You Choose a Dependable Day Porter Service?

It is recommended that you leave the work to a trusted janitorial contractor. This is because he has the required experience to hire competent workers who he can trust to do a great job for you. We are the premier company in town and all our employees are trained not only in their respective roles as day porters but also in how to maintain relationships with their bosses and those around the building. They are skilled, hardworking and trustworthy workers.

Hiring a porter is not the ultimate solution to the cleanliness needs of your building or premises. Getting a reliable and competent one should be your top priority. With a reliable contractor, this should not be a problem. Before you hire one, you should first decide on what his role should be in your organization. Is his work to clean and take care of the premises or are their other assignments that he can take care of? This is something you can talk to with our sales representatives beforehand to ensure that the porter understands what his job entails.

Why Should You Hire from MJ Company?

Other than the fact that you do not have to spend a lot of time interviewing eligible candidates for the job, you are also assured of getting skilled workers. In case of an issue arising, you can contact the contractor who will sort it out or assign someone else the job. In addition, you are assured of a replacement anytime the assigned person is not available to take care of his duties.  This is the single most overlooked factor when hiring yourself…who is going to replace the porter if they are sick or need to leave the job permanently?  Suddenly the company who isn’t using a vendor like ours has a difficult task of finding a replacement.  This is especially important when you consider that 1 in 4 employees will not stay in most companies longer than 12 months.

What are some of the Things You Should Ask for before Signing for Day Porter Services?

Day Porter

Day Porter in Phoenix, AZ

  • Remember that the condition, in this case the cleanliness and safety, of the building is important to you and those accessing it. For you to achieve this, here are some things you should check out for before you do the hiring.
  • Make a background check of the person to be hired. This can be done by us. It is important that we hire someone who can be trusted.  We also drug test all our team.
  • Although skill is usually not an issue, hiring someone who has some experience in the job is an added advantage.
  • Get to define the roles, rules and regulations depending on your needs. Communicate these in advance. Employees tend to perform best when they understand what is expected of them.
  • It is always good to inform the employee that sometimes, other small tasks that are not highlighted in his job description may be assigned to him from time to time.
  • The education level may not be an issue but it is important to hire someone who knows how to read and write. In addition, someone who has some background working as a janitor may be better suited for the position for he already has some experience.

You should decide on what duties are most important and draw a schedule on how you want the work to be carried out. We will help you develop this.  Sitting down with us and communicating your needs will help us give you quality day porter services that will leave you satisfied.
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